About Me

I have learnt not to let circumstances define my destiny. I have the power to define my success.

About 7 years ago, as head of a Human Resource department, my senior instructed me to advertise a job vacancy internally. Seems like a normal scenario. The only thing was that job was my job!

I wondered what was happening to my life. I felt unsure of my next steps. I began anxiously looking for a job with no success.

I just went through the motions every day. It was very hard to put my soul into my work that I once loved. I had so much to offer but I felt after 11 years of service I was not valued.

Eventually I was told that I was not qualified for the job. I was “involuntarily separated”.

The strangest thing was that I was not angry as I left the building. I felt free. Leaving that organization led me to an opportunity to create my own path, and so Conventus Consultinc, a human resource consultancy was born. I went on to found Conversations Over Coffee with Charlene Pedro, a successful breakfast training programme that informs, engages and inspires CEOs, managers and professionals to make a positive impact in their workspaces.

As I look back, I understand that it was a very difficult, yet necessary part of my journey to live a more fulfilling and impactful life. That scenario taught me so many powerful lessons. One key lesson was to take back control of the situation and not to let anyone or any circumstance define your destiny.

Don’t let people define your worth.

Don’t let people define your success.

Don’t let people define your path.

People will try to make us feel that we are powerless, but we have the power to write our own story.

Trust the process. Have faith. Stay focused. Do the work.

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